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VoIP providers can help companies ensure long-term survival

In today’s unpredictable economy, saving money is one of the best ways business decision-makers can ensure their organizations survive. While executives have a variety of paths to choose from in their quests to become more efficient, all of which can contribute to reduced expenses, working with a trusted VoIP provider to replace an outdated phone system may be the most effective.

VoIP offers companies a number of unique opportunities to improve operations, while simultaneously costing less to manage and maintain than traditional land line services. Unlike outdated telephony systems, for example, VoIP consolidates voice and data through a single internet connection, making it a viable and cost-effective alternative for organizations around the world, according to a report by The Digest.

IP telephony solutions operate virtually anywhere with an internet connection, meaning businesses in even the most rural areas will be able to augment their communication strategies without it costing an arm and a leg, the news source stated. Because VoIP uses the internet, vendors can charge little to no extra amount for long-distance and international calls – something traditional land line providers cannot do. This is especially important for growing organizations that are expanding across the United States or on a global scale.

Connectivity to all

Bring your own device (BYOD) is among the most disruptive trends to impact the business world in the past several years. This is because BYOD projects enable individuals to use personal smartphones, tablets and other gadgets in the workplace, which can improve operations but introduce complexity. When organizations leverage VoIP, however, they can provide anytime access to the telephony network to any platform that is connected to the internet, The Digest reported. As a result, VoIP can be an extremely useful deployment in today’s mobile business world.

A study by Ovum revealed that approximately 57 percent of employees across 17 markets participate in at least some form of BYOD, suggesting that enterprises that have not yet embraced the technologies and philosophies to support mobile connectivity need to do so to stay relevant.

By working with a trusted VoIP provider, businesses of all sizes can replace outdated telecommunications platforms with advanced solutions that can be accessed by virtually any internet-connected device. In making this transition, organizations will be able to better position themselves for success in the long run, especially as the economy continues sending mixed signals and the private sector grows increasingly competitive.

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