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Telecom providers must meet evolving requirements

The presence of VoIP, SIP trunking and cloud computing has forever changed the contact center industry, as these advanced telephony solutions have essentially commoditized the communication landscape. In the past, contact center managers were forced to dig through and assess telecom vendors in the hopes that they might stumble across the services they needed to survive. Today is much different.

The emergence of IP telephony has made it easier than ever for enterprises to find a VoIP provider capable of meeting their unique requirements. Unfortunately, this has made it more difficult for vendors to differentiate themselves, according to a Call Centre Clinic report.

Contact centers need a variety of features to ensure they deliver the services that are expected of them by consumers. In many cases, this means organizations need to use call scripting, voice recording and other tools that make it easier to monitor and track communications to keep satisfaction and experience levels high, the news source stated. Because VoIP and cloud offerings provide these solutions at a much lower price than traditional services, conventional providers need to adapt or risk falling behind forever.

A new race of telecommunications

Because advanced telephony solutions are much more available and affordable than they were in the past, the contact center industry in particular is undergoing a unique transformation in which employees are beginning to understand which features are truly critical to ensuring success, Call Centre Clinic noted. This means the entire telecommunication industry will feel the shockwaves as decision-makers identify which vendors are reliable and which are only offering mundane services for a much higher price than necessary.

In the coming years, telecom providers that continue to offer outdated tools and solutions will simply be overrun by those that accommodate to the true needs of the industry.

A recent Forbes report highlighted how the mantra “the customer is king” is likely truer today than it was when the phrase was first created. If telephony providers do not understand the underlying importance of this mentality, it will likely become increasingly difficult for them to not only stay competitive in the coming years, but survive.

By addressing the needs of the user, a VoIP provider will be able to improve its ability to meet contact center and other demands that will be essential contributors to its ability to thrive.

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