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The business of VoIP

Selling telephone equipment can be difficult. For starters, you have to commit to a brand, often there are quotas, products to stock on the shelf, replacement parts, and then you have the issue with turnaround of technicians, after you have spent the money to train them. Installation can be complex and scale may not be easy; often involving a change in hardware, or add-ons, and/or licensing add-ons, disruption to the client, disruption to services at times. Costs can easily mount or scale can be impossible at times without forklifting the equipment.

In short,

  • A new phone system requires a LARGE capital expenditure
  • Phone technology is changing so rapidly, any purchase you make today will be OBSOLETE in just a couple years or less
  • Phone systems are not easily adapted to multi-location businesses or mobile workers
  • Phone equipment does not scale well: if you buy something too large you overpay, if you buy something too small you have to pay again
  • Phone systems are not normally redundant, if your power goes out, you no longer get phone calls
  • Premise based phone systems require maintenance, annual licenses in some cases: moves, adds and changes can be expensive
  • Premise based solutions require a “phone guy” to come out.


Enter Ironton Global Hosted IP PBX.


Simplicity is beauty.
Simplicity is KEY, and does NOT mean that you have to give up features.

Customers are more gravitating today towards products and services they can easily deploy and understand. Rapid deployment is becoming the norm. Some clients want to be able to manage their own systems, when possible, provided these systems are self-explanatory and change can easily be managed.

Ironton Global deploys a 99.999% highly available soft switch in the cloud, with call quality rivaling the best PBX systems when deployed correctly. Why should you chose Ironton Global’s hosted systems?

  • Customers are asking for it
  • It is a multibillion dollar market and increasing every month substantially
  • Unlike regular telephony, there is no inventory for you to keep or stock – no expensive spares (unless YOU want to keep a phone or two on hand to demo)
  • Not much training if any is needed if any (spend 1 hour with us)
  • No investment up front and no quotas or commitmentEnroll in about 1 hour – no complicated process
  • Creates RECURRING revenues for you and your company
  • Bonuses and spiffs every step of the way
  • Reduction in staffing: plug them in the Network and start the training. The phones come pre-programmed, flashed with the latest Firmware, and WE test them before they leave since we have to program them. So the chances of failures are so slim.
  • Easy to roll out – Easy to program (all Web based portals)
  • Plenty of legacy systems to upgrade (and if you don’t do it – others will)
  • Features are added continuously and transparently with no system shut down. Seamless to client
  • Flexibility (so many choices of phones) using industry standard SIP not proprietary
  • Easy scalability – just add phones. Very elastic model. Designed to expand or shrink instantly.
  • Designed for multi-locations natively. Multi-location companies and mobile workers can easily connect to each other with just a simple internet connection
  • Business continuity and uptime
  • No updates, upgrades, license renewal, etc… eliminates ongoing maintenance
  • Choice of Trunks with no hidden fees and no surprises. Predictable model
  • Superbly and natively supports mobile workers
  • Single vendor solution
  • Redundancy / High availability / Business continuity is built-in
  • Call recording is built-in

In short, here are 10 ways Ironton Global Cloud PBX will help YOUR business, as well as your client’s.

  • Reduce capital expenditure:
  • Reduce in-house telephone system hardware investment
  • Go from a Capex to an Opex and reduce overall cost
  • Minimal IT Support. Frees your IT Staff: System management occurs in the cloud
  • Space saving: No racks, no mess, no additional big equipment in the backroom, no additional wiring.
  • Business continuity: Resides in secure and redundant data centers
  • Forward calls to any number (i.e. cell) in case of ANY failure
  • Easily and transparently scale up or down:
  • Elastic model – just add phones
  • No software to buy, licenses, additional warranties, etc…
  • Comprehensive features
  • Advanced features and functionality, yet easy to use – reliable and intuitive
  • Perfect for remote users. Just plug and play.
  • Automatic upgrades
  • Software changes happen automatically in the background
  • No need to pay extra, pay a service fees, maintenance, etc. and no tech needed
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Superb Android and Apple client. Your iPad can be your business phone
  • Run your business from anywhere and any device – have a 2nd line
  • Simple to install
  • Nothing to maintain
  • Nothing to worry about
  • Save on phone lines, on long distance, on International calls – and improve quality

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