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Ironton Global Agents

It’s time to start making more money and living a better lifestyle!

Ever think that you should be making more money? With the new Agent’s program from Ironton Global you now can. So what is an Ironton Global agent you ask?

An Agent is an independent VAR or Reseller that sells the Ironton Global platform, products and services to their own customers, and collects the signed quote for submission to Ironton Global. An agent, in contrast to a referral agent, is also responsible for collecting from the customer all of the associated and required documentation for provisioning the services, and submitting the entire order to the Ironton Global Channel Manager.

The Agent works with the Channel Manager, who will make certain that the agent understands the Ironton Global products and services. This can include communications with the Agent and potential customers through conference calls, in-person meetings or webinars, as needed. The Channel Manager will help resolve any service issues that arise, and assist with the development of 
the business relationship. The Channel Manager will be responsible for submission of all Agent orders to an Ironton Global Customer Service Manager. Agent is responsible for ensuring that a service deployment survey is completed and returned to the CSM.

There are so many benefits to being an Ironton Global agent! First off the company has been around for over 107 years with a full history of innovations and amazing 24x7x365 LIVE customer service and tech support to you and/or your client. Sales and technical training as well as sales tools, including portal access and sales tools are INLUDED in your agent’s package at no additional cost.. Furthermore, every agent receives a dedicated channel manager to help them along the entire time and be there every step of the way. It ONLY takes one minute to do most proposals. The best part of being an agent is that you receive recurring commission every month for all those deals that you sign as long as the client has service for the month. What’s more? For a limited time, earn more commissions and bonuses when you sell Ironton Global’s amazing Cloud Voice Services. Get the details from our Wednesday Webinars.

IG agents also all receive the best technology and apps to help make their lives and sales super easy.
Each agent receives their own account on our newly released custom agents portal where they always have access to sales and technical tools.

So why not start living the lifestyle and making the money that you have always wanted and become an Ironton Global agent. To learn more sit in on one of our weekly agent webinars.

To learn more, attend our upcoming webinar click here.

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