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Let your employees work from anywhere: INCREASE efficiencies!

Coplay, PA 2015-Ironton Global (IG) (, a leading global provider of cloud-based communication services

So what’s all the buzz about with remote employees, why are companies making the switch?
Some businesses already do use them and others that don’t are missing out. There are so many benefits to using a remote work force.

One thing that most people hate doing is commuting to their jobs. Not only having to wake up earlier to beat the traffic but also dealing with the overall stress of the commute, gas expense, parking, uncertainty of traffic, etc.. When your employees start the day out happier with less stress, they are going to perform better.
Some businesses think that having all their employees in the same office next to each other will help better communication among the company. Now a day, with the help of cloud communications, that statement diminished by the increased efficiency acquired by the benefits of telecommuting. Today there are so many different apps, types of conferencing and project management systems available, that staying connected throughout the day with people from work is just as easy as sitting right next to them. If anything, it is less annoying because they are not chatting the entire time (the water cooler syndrome) and keeping others from working. When an employee works from home, they no longer have the office chatter and distractions that constantly keep people from being more productive; they can now stay focused onto a project and get it done faster, with minimum distractions.

Another benefit to having remote employees is the financial savings! Remote employees overall cost a lot less. Using remote workers businesses no longer have to buy office supplies such as desks, tables, chairs, printers, toner, paper, the list is endless. Office space and real-estate can now be re-purposed more effectively or shrunk. Re-invest the money on your products, services, marketing, sales, not office space and supplies, and GAIN productivity. Telecommuters benefit just as well: Remote employees may be entitled to some tax write-offs, as well as eliminate expenses associated with commuting. Even improving their diet from eating more often at home, as opposed to restaurant food.

Overall using remote employees is more efficient and all it takes is the right cloud communications provider to get your virtual office set up correctly. Ironton Global is one of the top voice cloud communications provider in the industry and works directly with businesses to best meet their needs and increase efficiencies.. Remote phones setup at Telecommuters’ home as if they are in the office, voice conferencing (up to 1000 parties), Video communication using your Android or iOS devices, eFax and much more. When youare ready to make the switch, or to find out more take the first step by getting a FREE quote today!

About Ironton Global LLC (
ITC Global Networks, LLC d.b.a. Ironton Global (IG) is a leading global provider of wholesale and retail cloud-based voice communication services. Headquartered within the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, USA, Ironton Global encompasses more than 107 years of business continuity and service excellence, backed by 24x7x365 live technical support, and delivering the highest quality IP voice communication around.

IG brings a wide portfolio of enhanced IP-based phone, trunking, conferencing and faxing to all size businesses. By integrating and blending sophisticated best-of-breed TDM and SIP-based network platforms, and private IP connections to multiple strategic worldwide carrier partners, IG services are guaranteed to deliver superior voice communication performance and a premium customer service experience with impeccable reliability. For more information on Ironton Global, please visit us at, like our page on Facebook , follow us on Twitter , join our LinkedIn group , read about us on WordPress follow our blogs , add us on Google+ or contact Pierre Kerbage at (610) 794-2375.

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