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Let your employees work from anywhere: INCREASE efficiencies!

Coplay, PA 2015-Ironton Global (IG) (, a leading global provider of cloud-based communication services

So what’s all the buzz about with remote employees, why are companies making the switch?
Some businesses already do use them and others that don’t are missing out. There are so many benefits to using a remote work force.

One thing that most people hate doing is commuting to their jobs. Not only having to wake up earlier to beat the traffic but also dealing with the overall stress of the commute, gas expense, parking, uncertainty of traffic, etc.. When your employees start the day out happier with less stress, they are going to perform better.

Digital VS IP Phone Systems

Digital Systems have been around for decades. Many of these systems have proven to last 10 to 20 years in some cases, showing strong reliability in the work place. In the past few years, these legacy systems have added expandability and functionality such as T1, PRI, Automatic Call Distribution and much more and some models can scale to thousands of end points (phones) with great reliability.

IP Systems originated over a decade ago, and today, some of these systems can scale to tens of thousands of units in dozens if not hundreds of locations.

So what is the advantage of an IP Phone system over a traditional systems?

Ironton Global announces full interoperability with Ingate Systems

Coplay, PA September 2015 – Ironton Global (IG) (, a leading global provider of reliable, simple and affordable cloud-based communication services, is proud to announce that it has completed full interoperability certification with Ingate® Systems.

Ingate Systems develops firewall and Enterprise Session Border Controller (E-SBC) technology to bring global person-to-person multimedia real-time communication to everyone. Ingate is excited to announce its new partnership and successful interoperability with Ironton Global SIP Trunks.

Both companies have collaborated to achieve successful interoperability with each other. This means that Ironton Global’s highly acclaimed HD voice SIP trunks and Cloud Solutions, will transparently work with the entire line of award-winning Ingate SIParator® E-SBCs. Clients, channels and resellers of both companies are now able to leverage each other’s strength and implement a secure converged solution effectively and effortlessly.

Why is your number port taking so long?

On first thought, moving your phone numbers from provider to provider seems like a simple idea. But in reality, it’s a process with a lot of complication behind the scenes. In order for your number to port in a timely manner, the entire process has to go right.

It starts way back in history.

To understand how porting works, and what the process entails, you first need to understand the system porting was invented to work with – the POTS network of yore.

Phone numbers are maps.

Ironton Global Agents

It’s time to start making more money and living a better lifestyle!

Ever think that you should be making more money? With the new Agent’s program from Ironton Global you now can. So what is an Ironton Global agent you ask?

An Agent is an independent VAR or Reseller that sells the Ironton Global platform, products and services to their own customers, and collects the signed quote for submission to Ironton Global. An agent, in contrast to a referral agent, is also responsible for collecting from the customer all of the associated and required documentation for provisioning the services, and submitting the entire order to the Ironton Global Channel Manager.

The business of VoIP

Selling telephone equipment can be difficult. For starters, you have to commit to a brand, often there are quotas, products to stock on the shelf, replacement parts, and then you have the issue with turnaround of technicians, after you have spent the money to train them. Installation can be complex and scale may not be easy; often involving a change in hardware, or add-ons, and/or licensing add-ons, disruption to the client, disruption to services at times. Costs can easily mount or scale can be impossible at times without forklifting the equipment.

Ironton Global announces new partnership with 3CX

Coplay, PA November 2014– Ironton Global (IG) (, a leading global provider of cloud-based communication services, is proud to announce a partnership with 3CX. Partners can now deploy fully certified Ironton Global High Definition SIP trunks on 3CX phone systems.

LONDON UK, DALLAS USA November 11th 2014 – 3CX, developer of the award winning Windows-based VoIP PBX 3CX Phone System, announces the successful interoperability testing with Ironton Global. 3CX customers can now take full advantage of a standard template to activate Ironton Global SIP trunks for their 3CX Phone System.

Ironton Global’s HD SIP trunk configuration is now fully integrated with 3CX Phone Systems, ensuring that setting up the SIP trunks is transparent and effortless. As a certified 3CX SIP provider, Ironton Global’s HD SIP trunk services are fully guaranteed to work seamlessly with 3CX phone systems, including the latest v12.5 of its software, and any future releases.