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Ironton Global announces new partnership with 3CX

Coplay, PA November 2014– Ironton Global (IG) (, a leading global provider of cloud-based communication services, is proud to announce a partnership with 3CX. Partners can now deploy fully certified Ironton Global High Definition SIP trunks on 3CX phone systems.

LONDON UK, DALLAS USA November 11th 2014 – 3CX, developer of the award winning Windows-based VoIP PBX 3CX Phone System, announces the successful interoperability testing with Ironton Global. 3CX customers can now take full advantage of a standard template to activate Ironton Global SIP trunks for their 3CX Phone System.

Ironton Global’s HD SIP trunk configuration is now fully integrated with 3CX Phone Systems, ensuring that setting up the SIP trunks is transparent and effortless. As a certified 3CX SIP provider, Ironton Global’s HD SIP trunk services are fully guaranteed to work seamlessly with 3CX phone systems, including the latest v12.5 of its software, and any future releases.

PBX Fraud Education

Telephone hackers hit where it hurts: your wallet

Telephone hacking is unauthorized or fraudulent activities that can affect your telephone system, and potentially cost your business significant amounts of money and resources if they occur. Unfortunately, most of the times the owner of the PBXisn’t aware of the “hacking” until an enormous bill from their toll provider arrives or malicious events start occurring via their phone system.

Why do these activities occur?

Telephone hackers can infiltrate vulnerable PBX systems to make international and long distance calls, listen to voicemail or monitor conversations. Victims of hacked PBX systems unknowingly allow the hackers to “sell” the use of their telephone system to others or provide the hackers with an opportunity to maliciously reprogram the system.

Understanding The Cloud

For all of you out there that have been hearing the words cloud communications being thrown around and are not too familiar with what that means, this article was written just for you:

To start, cloud communications includes a very wide range of capabilities. Cloud communications refers to accessing phone lines, stored files, resources, servers, applications and other software via the public internet or a private connection. The cloud is an alternative or supplement to using, on premise servers or premise based telephone systems. Ironton Global offers a great suite of cloud communication packages that cater to your exact business needs and work with you to fully understand your needs and business, so as to implement the correct solution that is appropriate for your business and budget.

Ironton Global at BCAP

The annual conference for the Cable Association of Pennsylvania (BCAP) completed its morning session and is moving into the afternoon program at the Sheraton in Harrisburg, PA. Matt Polka the President & CEO of ACA lead the morning with the latest news from Washington, DC and the FCC’s direction and Gary Arlen of Arlen Communications delivered the first breakout session on emerging technologies.

Sheraton Hotel

Matt Polka

Gary Arlen



Ironton Telephone celebrates their 105th Anniversary

Ironton Telephone……107th Anniversary Celebration!

107 Years – 1909 to 2014

Family-owned in Coplay, Pennsylvania, in the rolling fields of rural Pennsylvania, Ironton Telephone Company was founded in 1909. Since our humble days of having only 6 customers and 6 miles of open wire, Ironton Telephone Company has evolved into a nationally recognized company and brand with services across the globe. From our traditional telephone services to our Next-Gen Cloud Communications solutions, customers rave about our reliability, flexibility and quality. Our hallmarks of quality, affordability, and customer excellence are always front and center.

The IG Mobile Communicator

Coplay, PA January 2015 – Ironton Global (IG) (, a leading global provider of cloud-based communication services, is proud to announce its newest addition to its growing family of Unified Communications Hardware and Software: The IG MOBILE COMMUNICATOR.

IG MOBILE COMMUNICATOR is an application for iOS and Android devices that combines a SIP soft phone client and connectivity to our hosted infrastructure soft switch, achieving Enterprise quality reliability, sound quality and features over 3G, 4G AND Wi-Fi networks.

The IG mobile communicator brings a new life into your mobile smart phone by allowing users to make and receive calls as well as transfer their calls, just as if they are in the office. During the call, the user can convert the call to the built-in speakerphone or to their Bluetooth connected headset or go back to the earpiece at any time.

The Best of SIP Trunking

SIP trunking is one of the most current technological advances in the telecommunications field, despite the fact that it was introduced to the world only a few years prior.

SIP trunking is quickly replacing analog and digital trunks as the favored choice in communication technology, especially in business, as it helps them accomplish their goals.

SIP trunks allow businesses to have a phone number from anywhere in the world, which allows customers to contact the company without incurring long-distance fees. This is a major advantage for businesses of any size, as it gives presence and availability to its targeted market. In addition to the above, SIP trunking allows a company to be more flexible in areas they operate. It allows them to acquire numbers in cities, states and countries where they do not have a physical location or have a remote worker. They can have a local number in London and appear as if they have local presence.

With the newer generation on the rise, how will communication change?

With social media and popular VoIP services such as Skype becoming ubiquitous and increasingly more integrated into society, technology has been increasingly changing how adults, both young and old, are communicating with one another today.

VoIP services such as Google Hangout and Skype allow any user with a portable device over Wi-Fi to minimize their minutes down to zero cost to the caller, bypassing their exchange carrier in the process. Pierre Kerbage, Senior Vice President at Ironton Global, noted that this shift has impacted the world, but “young people seem to have embraced it very well because they are not afraid to try new technologies.”

How to Choose Between a SIP Trunk and a Hosted PBX

No company wants to see an expensive phone bill at the end of the month, especially one with many phones or phone lines. Traditional phone systems and phone lines can add up in price, not to mention a hassle to scale as the company grows. VoIP extensions are easier to install, and scale effortlessly. Simply add a phone and a line at any time. No licenses, no maintenance, no headaches. VoIP is the technology that transmits phone calls over the public Internet (or private circuits) in lieu of landlines. Companies can incorporate a hosted PBX and SIP trunks, to quickly go to market, all while reducing costs and breaking down complexity
But when should a company choose a hosted PBX versus a SIP trunk?

VoIP extensions are far cheaper and easier to control. VoIP, also called Internet phone service, is the technology that transmits phone calls over the Internet instead of physical landlines. Companies can incorporate two different types of IP solutions to help save money: a hosted PBX or a SIP trunk. But when should a company chose a hosted PBX versus a SIP trunk?

PBX market hits snags, unified communications flourishes

While the PBX market is experiencing some fluctuations, the demand for unified communications solutions is still rising in the enterprise.

For the most part, businesses around the world understand the importance of having a sophisticated communications platform, leading many firms to implement a VoIP network. At the same time, however, many companies now have those solutions in place, meaning they are not necessarily purchasing new services. This occurrence has had an unfortunate effect on the PBX market as a whole.

A recent Infonetics Research report highlighted the impacted global PBX market, noting that it only generated $1.8 billion in revenue in the first quarter of 2013, down 9 percent from the fourth quarter of last year. This was technically the lowest the market has been since the middle of 2009.